Hi, I am Roz...

I am a mixed-media (visual) and martial artist.

Captivated by the beauty around me in my home County Durham and it’s rich history, I am inspired to produce my art.  I love to mix the human element and the landscape and architecture that gives us our proud heritage. 

Being a multi-passionate artist, I really enjoy portrait painting and would welcome discussing with you commissioned portraits of loved ones including your animal companions!  

I also believe in the power of art & movement to promote mindfulness, enhance wellbeing & also productivity. 

I am working on ways  to sharing creative ideas, tools and resources with people who need a boost, specifically, people who are carers, in treatment or chronically ill, who would benefit from using creativity and personal development techniques to live their best life.

I will be offering a membership community and online classes,  workshops and retreats.  

I  live in the historic city of Durham with my husband (poet),  my daughter (author), my “acquired son” (IT Wizard) and our beautiful Labrador assistance dogs and adorable Wegie. We work from home, our studio at Ushaw Estate and The Wabi-Sabi Academy @ The Green in Coxhoe, Durham.  

For decades, I have specialised in personal development and coaching which I now blend with  visual art. This brings my love of creativity, personal growth and the many, many lessons learned from my martial arts upbringing together, in a way that I believe will move people toward living the life they want and deserve. 

People often ask me how I manage and stay so happy with all the challenges we have as a family – well, this is how…

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If you’re looking for online art classes, to be part of a vibrant creative community or attend workshops for fun or personal development, and you are wondering where to start, you’ve come to the right page

Some general information about my classes: I teach shorter workshops as well as longer in depth programmes in a variety of formats.  

I use many different art supplies, techniques and disciplines in my work so I call myself a “mixed media artist”.  

My focus is on wellbeing and  / or productivity and I often use coaching techniques to guide participants through the artwork so it has even more affective therapeutic value to them.

Of course if you just want to enjoy the process of creating and producing art, that is all good too.

I aim to give you options that are right for you,  at the time you need them. 

Get in touch with me

I’d love to hear from you!

You can send me a snail mail : Roz Gadd, St Teresa of Avila Gallery, Ushaw Estate, Durham City. DH7 9RH

OR  you can  message me on the form right here

OR  connect with me on one of the social media platforms below: