What is the waiting time?
This will depend on my commitments and also the time of year. If you are looking for a Christmas present, it is best to contact me to book it no later than October.
An idea of waiting times can be found on……

Will you take commissions from outside the UK?
Yes, that is no problem.

Which photo should I choose? 
Of course I will help, it is an important part of the process. Send me through the option that you are thinking of and we can work this out. Check the guidance that I have included HERE to help you too.

Can you make a portrait(s) of subjects that are on different photographs?
It is not ideal to use different photographs for subjects that are to be placed together on a page (a montage is a different situation). Tones, lighting, and size ratio can all be thrown out. This can be overcome to some extent if the photographs are taken at the same time and place. But if neither of these can be achieved, it may be better to have seperate companion portraits done for each subject.

Can you do a portrait from an actual photograph I have, rather than a digital photograph?
It may not be possible but it depends on the photograph. If it is a close up, sharp and quite large, it may be possible.

Will you sign the portrait?
Yes, I will sign it and also include the name of the subject and the date, if requested.

Do you frame the portrait?

Can I collect in person?

Will the portrait be shown on social media, and this website?

Can I be supplied with a high resolution digital scan of my portrait?
If you want to get your own printed copies made or to send it to friends or family members etc. I am happy to supply a copy for your own use, for the relevant charge however, please read the Terms and Conditions.

Can I get copies made of my portrait?
I can get Giclée prints done for you from the high resolution scan that I will keep of your finished portrait, so you can request a print at any time. Giclée is a high quality art print on quality art paper which is of archival quality and indistinguishable from the original to the naked eye.