Terms & Conditions Wabi Sabi Academy Ltd

1. Duty of Care

No person employed or otherwise engaged by Wabi Sabi Academy Ltd is a mental health professional or has had any mental health training. Wabi Sabi Academy Ltd courses are educational in nature and are not a substitute for medical treatment, psychotherapy or any other health program the participant might need.

1.a. Due to the pre-recorded/ online nature/ DVD format of Wabi Sabi Academy Ltd’s courses, there is no sufficient relationship of proximity between any instructor and any participant engaged on any course. Wabi Sabi Academy Ltd therefore does not accept that any harm (physical, psychological or otherwise) which may occur to a participant is reasonably foreseeable as a result of any instructor’s conduct.

1.b. No person employed or otherwise engaged by Wabi Sabi Academy Ltd is responsible for monitoring participants’ physical, emotional and psychological limits. The participant is responsible for assessing the risk that any course activity poses to them and for choosing a safe course of action for themselves.

1.c. Use of the any community style group is on the participant’s own terms. Wabi Sabi Academy Ltd is not responsible for monitoring participants’ physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing while active in the group. 

2. Refund Policy

Live courses: Before the start of the course you can request a refund for the full course fee up to 60 days after the date of purchase (paypal does not issue refunds after 60 days). No refund can be given after the course has started. 

Self study courses: all sales are final. No refund can be given once a self study course is purchased. 

3. Terms of Sale

Unless the parties agree otherwise, in writing, any dispute concerning the interpretation of any contract of sale with Wabi Sabi Academy Ltd shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and shall be resolved within the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

4. Group Moderation

Wabi Sabi Academy Ltd reserves the right to remove or moderate any posting on any course/thread/page/Facebook group as it sees fit to maintain the integrity, safety and wellbeing of the entire group.

In relation to any Facebook group we may moderate/ remove: 

  1. Emotional content that might be triggering for other members, not in line with group guidelines or unrelated to course content.
  2. The sharing of non-class related art.
  3. Sharing your own work not related to the relevant class.
  4. Buying or selling of art supplies.
  5. Selling or alerting people to your own or other people’s art courses.

We will remove any such posts and contact the person who posted, privately. If a member continues to post content that is not in line with group guidelines we may have to temporarily or permanently remove this member from the relevant Face Book group.

Intellectual Property Rights

All class content/ materials, including videos, PDFs, images & audio productions contain copyrighted works, trademarks and other intellectual property. All rights are reserved. 

The content/ materials for Wabi Sabi Academy classes, or any portion thereof, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written consent of Wabi Sabi Academy Ltd.